European Coaches Associations debate about "Associative regime of the professional coaches"

Soccer Coaches Association of Italy, France, Portugal, the Netherlands and the Basketball Coaches Association of Spain were represented at the Coaches Forum held at the headquarters of the Professional Football League, to be part of debate around the Regime associative of the Professional Football Coaches organized by the Professional Football Foundation and Football Coaches Association (ANEF).

The forum was developed with two panel discussions focused on analyzing the situation in Spain compared with other European countries like Portugal, France, Italy and the Netherlands and made visible the need for regulatory change to equate the conditions of the Spanish coaches with the rest of Europe.

In the first round table took part the ex France head coach and now director of the Association of French coaches, Raymond Domenech, with the Vice President of the Italian association, Luca Perdomi, the director of the Dutch association, Gerard Marsman, the President of the Portuguese, José Pereira, and the President of the Spanish Association of Basketball Coaches (AEEB), Juan Maria Gavaldá.

The second round table was attended by the Administrative Law professor, Alberto Palomar, the Vice President of the European Council of Coaches, José Curado, the lawyer and economist Jorge Mas and coach Miguel Angel Lotina.

The first part of the discussion forum was focused on analyzing the reality of the Spanish coach compared with their European and Spanish coaches from other sports. In this table several members of various coaching associations across Europe gave their perspective on the issue.

The representative of basketball coaches, Juan María Gavaldá, highlighted that they enjoy of an "active" and "solid" agreement and remembered the established mechanisms to deal with situations of default by the clubs.



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